Are Nicaraguan Volcanoes a danger for bears?

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James-Robin the bear had had a fantastic time in Costa Rica and was eager to explore Nicaragua. His first stop was the beach town, San Juan del Sur, known as a surfers’s paradise due to its huge crashing Pacific Ocean waves. He spent some time relaxing on the beach, still adamant that his scarf was an excellent clothing choice for the hot weather. James-Robin also had a surfing lesson on the beginners’ beach. It was very exciting as James-Robin had never participated in water sports before. Miraculously, James-Robin was able to stand up and ride the waves to the beach! Although, pushing the surfboard back out far enough was very tiring, James-Robin loved the experience.

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The next stop in Nicaragua was Isla de Ometepe, an island framed by a volcano either side of it in the middle of Lake Nicaragua. It was a beautiful place and each volcano had a permanent mist hanging above it. It felt as though James-Robin had entered the real Nicaragua as in the town he was staying in, he seemed to be the only bear. Everyone was friendly and said hola to James-Robin. He enjoyed seeing pigs freely roaming the streets and riding the chicken bus. He visited Ojo de Agua, a volcanic pool and enjoyed a coconut poolside. He also decided to be adventurous and hike half the volcano, Maderas. It was more of a steep, muddy rock climb than a hike and was very tiring!

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After Ometepe, James-Robin caught a boat to Granada, a beautiful colonial city surrounded by volcanoes. James-Robin was in the most volcanic area of the whole of Latin America. Granada was so colourful, it would make any other city look dull in comparison. Near to Granada was Masaya volcano. It was an amazing site as you could see the churning lava within the crater. It was mesmerising to watch the liquid fire spit and turn so clearly from 500 metres down. It was one of the most incredible things that James-Robin had ever seen!
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The next day, James-Robin visited, yes, you guessed it, another volcano! This time the volcano had a beautiful lake in its crater which he enjoyed kayaking and swimming in. It rained a little, but that didn’t matter as the surroundings were so serene, and the lake so calm.
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Finally, James-Robin spent a night in Leon in order to catch a 17 hour shuttle through Honduras and El Salvador to his next country, Guatemala!


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