Can bears go to Costa Rica?

James-Robin the bear had always dreamed of going on adventures, but for a little bear, it was hard to make his dreams a reality. It was hard to go anywhere without being trampled by the crowds. However, one day, he made a brave move,  and jumped into the bag of Jess who was going on her own adventure.

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James-Robin’s first plane ride was very exciting, although he wasn’t the greatest fan of plane food, or his ears going pop! After many hours soaring across the skies, James-Robin arrived in his first country, Costa Rica!
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Puerto-Viejo, a small town on the Caribbean Sea was the first time he saw the sea, or even touched sand. He enjoyed soaking up the sun and jumping in the waves at Cocles beach. He also took a ride on a rented bicycle and cycled down the jungle-y coastal road. The next day, James-Robin visited an animal rescue centre where he saw lots of baby sloths who had lost their mothers’.
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The next destination was Monteverde which is in the mountains. It took 2 long coach journeys broken up by a night in San Jose. The journey was beautiful, though as James-Robin was able to see the valleys and greenery of Costa Rica. In Monteverde it rained a lot, after all, it was rainy season. However, it didn’t deter James-Robin from ziplining over the cloud forest and walking over the steep canopies on hanging bridges. In the evening, James-Robin went on a night walk where he saw native animals such as the sloth, Kinkajou and Olingo. He was extremely luckily to encounter the animals in the wild as they are usually well hidden.

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The final stop in Costa Rica was Fortuna which is placed in the shadow of Aranel Volcano which is shrouded under mist. James-Robin had his best view of the volcano on a boat on the way to La Fortuna. The following days, it was too misty to see the volcano. James-Robin walked in the surrounding area of the volcano, learning about its 1968 eruption and visited a natural hotsprings. On the last day in Costa Rica, he visited a waterfall where he swam in its natural pools. They were very cold, albeit beautiful.

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Ultimately, James-Robin’s journey in Costa Rica came to an end as he travelled up the windy roads towards the border of Nicaragua to continue his adventure!


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